Lorna Sheehan

Lorna Sheehan

Lorna Sheehan is an actor and promotional model who has worked in promotional events marketing for the past eight years. She has recently launched a digital media company called Big Broad Media, LLC.

About Lorna

Lorna was born and raised in Chicago, and currently splits her time between Chicago and LA. Her first interest in the arts was peaked as a child, when she saw a stage play at the Apollo Theater . Watching the performers entertain the audience, and sometimes themselves, made her say, "This is what I want to do for a living!"

 Over the years, Lorna has enjoyed performing on stage, and in film, but has primarily worked as a promotional model, representing high end brands at major events in key cities throughout the United States. She has participated in pageants, and has even won the title, Ms American Petite. With this title, Lorna had the opportunity to volunteer her time and assist pageant participants with all aspects of pageantry, which included: clothing selection, make-up application, and performance issues. Lorna considers her performance on stage at the Steppenwolf Theater to be one of her greatest accomplishments.

  Lorna has had many years of professional training, and continues to train in the arts, as this is where she wishes to devote her time and energy, now and in the future.


Shirley Hamilton Talent, Chicago, IL