Lorna Sheehan

Lorna Sheehan

Lorna Sheehan is an actor and promotional model who has worked in promotional events marketing for the past eight years. She has recently launched a digital media company called Big Broad Media, LLC.

About Lorna

Born and raised in Chicago, Lorna Sheehan currently studies Digital Communication and Media Arts at DePaul University (M.A.). Lorna also performs onstage and onscreen. In fact, you can see her latest film project inside the Chicago History Museum. Expressing her creativity via acting allows Lorna to better develop her creativity in the business world.

Speaking of business...after working as a Promotional Events Coordinator for the past eight years, Lorna has launched a related company called, Big Broad Media, LLC. It is in this position Lorna is able to use her creative, outside-the-box thinking to produce interesting media campaigns to help her clients increase their sales and visibility.